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Wind energy sounds too good to be true

I just finished reading Rob Propes’ commentary on Wells County wind farms breathing life into the area (April 2).

In the first paragraph he states that the project will cost $336 million. What the project offers Wells County sounds great in teams of dollars to the area, but it does not add up to $336 million. Does this money come from Apex Wind Energy group or a private concern or does it come out of the federal tax money that we all pay into?

I have always heard that if it is too good to be true, it probably is – and that is what I am thinking about this and many other wind projects in our state and nation. Does it pay for itself in electricity generated and what is the length of payback for the investment of $336 million?

I am really concerned when I drive around our beautiful state and see these gigantic structures looming over our fields. If this doesn’t work out, who will be responsible to take them down?

I know Propes makes his living doing this and is convinced that they are the best, but I want him to answer these questions. I have been concerned about this since I saw my first wind farm in Iowa.