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That science has come to this

Could the reputation of science sink any lower after the rubbish in Wind-farm “illnesses” fault of negative publicity – NZ study (March 22)? Auckland University’s Keith Petrie concocts an experiment in which a few students are fed misinformation to make them anxious, subjected to obscure noise for a few minutes, then have their bewildered reactions recorded.

He then claims to have conclusively invalidated the experience of many thousands of people who, in the real world, live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with the incessant hum of giant wind turbines, and who complain that their lives are a living hell.

Professor Petrie is paid by the wind industry, appearing as an “expert” at consent hearings in support of these monstrosities being imposed on local communities. No doubt, at his next well-paid gig, he’ll trot out his latest findings to trivialise objectors’ concerns. How utterly depressing that science has come to this.