March 30, 2013
Letters, Ontario

The sad removal of a bald eagle’s nest

March 30, 2013 |

It was wonderful to see a front-page story concerning the successful bald eagle’s nest in our slowly recovering Cootes Paradise. This, along with the area’s successful peregrine falcon nests, points toward a somewhat brighter future for wildlife in our area despite the affects of urban sprawl.

I was dismayed, however, that no front-page coverage was given to the recent disheartening removal of a similar bald eagle’s nest. This one was in the Fisherville area on Lake Erie. This nest was cut down, reportedly with Dalton McGuinty’s signed Ministry of Natural Resources permission, to make way for construction of an access road to a newly erected wind turbine.

No such happy story here! It would be nice to have all good news stories but our Cootes success doesn’t represent the entire wildlife picture in this area.

Mike Kirchin, Hamilton

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