March 28, 2013

Donald Trump Jnr reveals Court of Session challenge against wind farm

By Neil Drysdale | 27 March 2013 | STV |

Donald Trump Jnr has told STV his organisation plans to go to the Court of session in their next move to block the Aberdeen Bay wind farm project.

The American billionaire’s son also claimed that Vattenfall, the major investor in the scheme to build 11 wind turbines, a mile offshore from the Trump Organisation’s golf development at Menie Links, was already stalling on a start date for the project.

On Tuesday, the Scottish Government gave the go-ahead for the controversial £230m European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, with the support of most of Scotland’s political parties.

But Mr Trump Jnr questioned the manner in which the issue had been handled and revealed that he and his father, Donald, still believe the venture will not be built.

He said: “We are studying all our [legal] options, but it’s likely that our next course of action will be to go to the Court of Session [in Edinburgh] and launch a judicial challenge to the wind farm project.

“The Court of Session is free from political interference, they will look at the facts independently and we have confidence they will agree with us that the proper procedures have not been followed in rushing through this agreement.

“I don’t think anybody would disagree that there have been a lot of politics surrounding this issue, but we want to move beyond that.

“We believe the Court of Session will share that attitude to examining this case.”

Mr Trump Jnr also queried Vattenfall’s commitment to the Aberdeen Bay scheme.

He said: “They have come out and admitted that they will not even start work until some unspecified date in 2014, and I think that is indicative of their recent problems. [The firm announced earlier this month it was cutting 2500 jobs].

“Nothing is settled in this matter and we will continue to fight for as long as it takes.”

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