March 23, 2013

Windmills in Kingston

The Patriot Ledger | Posted Mar 23, 2013 |

January 2012: Three 2-megawatt turbines begin operating on land near Exit 8 on Route 3, owned by developer Mary O’Donnell and her company No Fossil Fuel.

May 2012: One 2-megawatt turbine begins operating on town-capped landfill adjacent to Route 3 near Exit 8 under power-purchase agreement between the town and private developer Kingston Wind Independence.

May 2012: Neighbors begin complaining about noise and shadow flicker from four turbines.

July 2012: Kingston Wind Independence commissions Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to conduct sound study of its turbine.

September 2012: 10 Kingston residents file a lawsuit against town and O’Donnell, claiming improper site-plan approval for O’Donnell’s turbines.

December 2012: O’Donnell says she plans to sell her turbines because of financial impact of lawsuit.

April 1, 2013: Health board to hold public hearing on turbine shadow flicker

June 2013: Officials expect results of turbine sound study

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