March 22, 2013

UKIP leader lends support to Tranwell wind farm protest

by David Black, The Journal | Mar 22 2013 |

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is coming to Northumberland next month to give his support to villagers fighting the latest wind farm proposal facing the county.

Mr Farage will speak at Stannington Village Hall near Morpeth next month as part of a nationwide tour he is undertaking ahead of the council elections in May.

The visit has been arranged after UKIP was approached for support by the local Tranwell Wind Farm Action Group (TWAG), which was set up to fight plans to build four turbines – each 126 metres tall – on the former RAF airfield at Tranwell.

TWAG involves people from Stannington, Tranwell, Whalton and Mitford who are opposing the Wind Ventures development because of its likely impact on the local residents and landscape.

Mr Farage agreed to come and speak at Stannington on April 6, a day on which he will also visit Durham.

UKIP is hostile to the development of more onshore wind turbines, and last year the party’s policy document on energy – Keeping the Lights On – said the renewables industry is “unsustainable” because of the massive public subsidy which it receives.

It said the levels of subsidy are unaffordable, and take money from poor consumers, such as pensioners, and give it to “rich landowners and companies”.

Mr Farage said: “I’m delighted to be coming to Stannington to support the action group in their campaign to save the area from four super turbines, which will be costly and economically useless.

“The Government is making it harder and harder for local people to protect their own environment due to changes in planning. UKIP believe strongly that decisions that affect local people, are made by local people.” Karen Carins, who chairs Stannington Parish Council and is a leading member of TWAG, said: “UKIP has a policy against wind farms and Nigel Farage obviously feels that coming to a rural village like this, where we are in the middle of fighting a wind farm, is no bad thing.

“He will be talking about UKIP’s policy on wind farms, as well as other policies, and a lot of people are very interested in coming along on the night.

“It is very exciting to have someone as well known as him coming to an area where we are plagued by wind turbines, and we think it will help our campaign a lot.”

Mr Farage is due to speak at the village hall at 7pm on April 6.

Wind Ventures claims the Tranwell airfield scheme offers an excellent opportunity to generate renewable electricity.

It says the wind farm will provide enough energy for about 4,200 homes a year, and save 7,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

I’m delighted to be coming to Stannington to support the action group in their campaign

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