March 21, 2013
Letters, Maine

“Yes” on wind ordinance

The Bethel Citizen | March 21, 2013 |

To the voters of Woodstock:

I write to share some of my experiences with the Spruce Mountain Wind Facility and to encourage Woodstock voters to approve the proposed Wind Ordinance at Annual Town Meeting on March 25.

When Patriot Energy first constructed the wind towers on Spruce Mountain I thought we had dodged a major bullet as the towers were not in sight of our camp located on the northeast side of Concord Pond – how untrue! The wind tower officials had assured us that the towers made little noise and would not be bothersome at such low levels at our camp, some 1.6 mile from the turbines – again untrue!

I complained to Patriot and to the Maine DEP several times through the summer, all to no avail. Noise at Concord Pond continued to be awful. I remember that Saturday, Sept. 15, it was very loud, and it got worse with the foliage drop. So in October we began to ready the camp for sale as it was obvious that I will no longer enjoy the serenity of the pond. To sit on the waterfront in the evening to watch the sunset, read a book, or do some quiet study is most times now impossible.

I am truly saddened by the fact the project was sighted where it is and hope the town of Woodstock realizes that if they allow the project to expand or another to be erected, without the protection of an ordinance, more residents will be as seriously affected. I wish this on no one and am happy for the townspeople who say they can’t hear them or are not bothered by them. I wish I were one of them!

I can only hold onto the great many memories since first coming to Concord Pond in the 1950s. I do not have a vote as I am only a “Camp Owner” – not a resident – though I find myself one of the most affected. Sadly, it’s time to move on!

Bob Moulton

Camp owner, Concord Pond, Woodstock

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