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Opposition understated

Re Poll Shows Wind Farm Support – CJ, March 15:
Once again Horizon spins its own story. This latest poll was titled, Representative Survey of the City of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay- Atikokan Electoral District. One has to wonder what was the purpose of the poll, and who would be interested in the opinions of people in this electoral district other than politicians? This poll was done months ago, yet released now as a possible election approaches.
Public opinion has no relevance to the Renewable Energy Approval application or approvals process. Whether people like or dislike this project is irrelevant to the rubber-stamp process.
This poll shows everyone that 39 per cent of people oppose this project, and one in five strongly oppose it. That seems like a lot considering Horizon and Pollara characterized opposition as only local and NIMBY.
With all the glossy ads Horizon used last fall, there is still strong and consistent opposition to this project.
Lorella Piirik
Thunder Bay

My only question is, What question was asked? Perhaps if the pollster asked if the people of Thunder Bay were interested in the wind project at a cost to us taxpayers of about 15 times the actual market price of current electricity the answer may be a resounding NO! Has anyone checked out their electricity bill lately? Another wind farm only spells higher electricity costs. Get the price of wind power down to a reasonable level, even double the current market price, and than maybe it would make sense.
J.F. Fenerty
Thunder Bay