March 19, 2013
Letters, Nova Scotia

Ensure safe distance

The Chronicle Herald | March 19, 2013 |

After reading Chester Councillor Brad Armstrong’s March 17 letter regarding support for the South Canoe Lake wind project, it’s interesting to note that the survey he refers to references residents from his municipality. Why wouldn’t Chester Municipality residents be happy with the project? It couldn’t be any further removed from the majority of them.

In fact, most of those adversely affected by these wind turbines live in Hants West, both full-time and summer residents. This project will not only ruin the property values for dozens of Nova Scotians, but will forever affect the lives of these people.

Numerous examples in Ontario show drastic changes in sleep patterns and the overall health of people who live within the two- to three-kilometre range of wind turbines (see CBC Doc Zone). The low end of this range is clearly proving to be unhealthy.

Like most things Nova Scotian, this project has been rammed through processes with little or no concern for those living in the area.

I wonder how Coun. Armstrong will feel when his power rates begin to increase, as Emera is applying to have ratepayers pay for its portion of the project. The Utility and Review Board will no doubt rubber-stamp this for Emera, as is its record. People will get sick, land will become unsellable, and Nova Scotians will be left wondering how something so tragic was allowed to happen. I am a strong supporter of wind energy, when ensuring wind farms are at a proven safe distance from people.

Christopher Martin, Dartmouth

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