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Council failed residents

I am writing in response to Brad Armstrong’s letter regarding the industrial wind turbines at South Canoe Lake and the developer’s “survey” as relates to the recent vote by municipal council.

It is really unfortunate that Mr. Armstrong would pay more attention to a poll conducted for the developer than to the concerns of members of the community, who only wanted the project slowed down to ensure that their concerns over health and reduced property values could be mitigated.

The poll shows only 93 per cent in favour of renewable energy; I would have thought it would have been 100 per cent.

This was never an issue about being for or against renewable energy; it was the community asking council to make sure that their concerns were addressed, and the council has failed miserably.

The members of council have a lot to learn from the rookie councillor, Tina Connors, who had the fortitude and commitment to represent the community and not bow to the developer.

Emery F. Peters, Spokesperson, Friends of South Canoe Lake