March 16, 2013

“Who could ever imagine this?”

By Bradford Randall | March 16, 2013 |

LELAND ROAD- “How could my town do this?” Dan Alves asked in the flicker-infested bedroom of his 14-year old epileptic son. “I’ve been here since 1997 and I’ve put a lot of money into this home…I tried to make this my children’s paradise.”

That was until last year…when the Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine was built less than 1,000 feet from Alves’ Leland Road home.

What broke our heart most during the Journal’s Friday afternoon visit with Alves wasn’t the admittedly disorienting flicker or the stories of uncooked dinner meals.

It was how he talked about the Town of Kingston.

“I like Kingston, I’ve always loved the town,” Alves told “Every teacher I’ve ever met has been outstanding. The town in general is outstanding.”

Alves didn’t stop there.

“I love Kingston. I love the people,” Alves said as he explained to the Journal why he first chose Kingston to raise his family 16 years ago. “I love the proximity to the ocean, the Cape and Boston. It’s perfect.”

But Alves never imagined that the town he calls home would become his living nightmare.

“Who could ever imagine this? You couldn’t imagine this,” Alves said as he told the Journal that he originally voted to “be green.”

“But I never thought this is what it would mean to be green,” Alves said in his son’s bedroom as sunlight strobed through a window behind him. “To have a turbine 940 feet from your house.”

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