March 14, 2013

Turbine debate takes new turn

By Emily Noble | Ripon Gazette | 14 March 2013 |

A contentious debate over plans for more wind farms in Nidderdale has taken a surprising turn – as supporters for the scheme take to vandalism to put their point across.

Plans to build four 110m wind turbines at Pennypot Lane near Hampsthwaite and a further seven 100m turbines at Felliscliffe are currently under council consideration.

But campaigners against the scheme, who have widely voiced their opposition, were surprised by the appearance of graffiti slashed across one of their signs.

The black ‘yes’ was spray painted onto a sign on the B6451 towards Otley, at the junction with the road down to Fewston.

The two contentious planning applications are still under consideration by Harrogate Borough Council. Between them, they have drawn more than 1,000 comments.

“No more wind turbines big or small should be built on land,” said one campaigner. “Enough is enough – the UK landscape is now at saturation point with them. ”

Another said: “This is just another step too far in the spoilage of our living environment and should not even be contemplated let alone allowed.”’

The first application, from Tapar, would see four wind turbines built at Pennypot Lane at Hampsthwaite, up to 110m high, along with a substation and access tracks.

The second, from Kelda, would see seven wind turbines built at Felliscliffe. These would be 100m high, and would be accompanied by the construction of a substation and meteorological mast.

To view the applications, visit and search for 12/03934/EIAMAJ (Tapar) 12/02939/EIAMAJ (Kelda).

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