March 14, 2013
North Carolina

State lawmaker wants to repeal renewable energy law

By Mitch Carr | March 14, 2013 |

A North Carolina state representative has proposed a bill to repeal a 2007 law that requires Duke Energy to get some of its energy from alternative sources, such as solar power.

Rep. Mike Hager (R- Rutherford, Burke) proposed the bill because he believes it contributes to higher electricity bills for consumers.

Hager worked as an engineer for Duke Energy until ten years ago, but he said he does not feel there’s a conflict of interest.

“We’re trying to search out everything we can out there to try to drive down the price of electricity,” Hager said.

The 2007 bill passed the state Senate 47-1 with two senators abstaining. It was then ratified by the state and signed by the governor. Since 2007, the legislature has changed multiple times.

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