March 13, 2013

Politicians unite in opposing wind farm plans

By Neil Graham | Published on Tuesday 12 March 2013 |

A campaign group fighting against an “industrial wind farm” proposal in the district has received the backing of influential politicians from MPs and MEPs to the leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

Campaign group reVOLT is vehemently opposed to RWE npower’s plan to build five turbines standing 126.5m high at Temple Hill between Stubton and Hough-on-the-Hill.

The group held a special meeting on Friday (March 5) attended by MP Stephen Phillips, Lord Giles Radice, MEP Roger Helmer and leader of Lincolnshire County Council Coun Martin Hill – all backing reVOLT’s opposition to the wind farm.

The Journal asked Hugh Wilson, chairman of Stubton Parish Council, whether this is the biggest issue to face Stubton in living memory.

Coun Wilson said: “It is probably the biggest issue for all of the villages really. We have had a poll of the village and 97 per cent said ‘no’ to the plans with 78 per cent replying.

“We don’t want it but it will have no effect.

“Hopefully the local authority will reject it because it is wholly inappropriate but it will go to appeal and many of them are granted on appeal.

“You and I living in the area as residents – it means nothing. We feel that nothing we say has any chance of being listened to.”

MP Stephen Phillips said he would only support the building of a wind turbine in his constituency if it is supported by the people in that community.

He added: “We should only be having them at all in areas where wind is economically viable and it is not in the vast majority of Lincolnshire.

“Certainly in my constituency there is not enough wind to make wind economic without the huge subsidy it receives from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

“I want that subsidy reduced so wind has to fight for a place in the energy mix.”

Lord Radice lives in nearby Gelston. He said: “This is one of the most inappropriate wind farm plans that has ever been put forward because it is so near villages and people. And they are so vast – there are five turbines all just smaller than the London Eye.

“Do people want London Eye-sized structures? The London Eye is fine where it is but do people want it 600 yards from where they live?

“I think it should be turned down flat.”

Ukip MEP Roger Helmer believes policies on climate change and energy is “forcing millions into fuel poverty”.

He added: “It is more than just politics – they are driving up energy prices fantastically.”

The reVOLT campaign is extremely well organised but the fear within the camp is it is fighting a losing battle in the face of Government targets on climate change and financial muscle.

Coun Wilson said: “RWE get massive subsidies from the Government that we all pay for and a wealthy landowner gets £5m – all set against a community that doesn’t want it.

“It’s not my view of democracy.”

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