March 9, 2013
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Wind farms are all about money

Kokomo Tribune | March 8, 2013 |

Juwi Wind completes Minnesota project: there were 15-2 megawatt turbines build 480 ft. If you followed the article ,they wanted to have 30 percent by 2020 (expand to 30 percent of the energy.) The question is how many more turbines to get there? Is this method practical, or just a farce? It also sounded like the community has financial returns to their tax base from the energy produced.

Again we are back to a handful of greedy people; that let the wind mill companies draw up our ordinance.

This community in Nobles County, Minn. must be smarter then us. They went into Wind Farms on a smaller scale then us. 15 turbines to give the people a chance to see the results and effects.

We have the Wind Fall, with E-ON project, for our chance to learn. We don’t need to jump into another one before studying the results of this one.

juwi Wind has been known to sell off a wind farm when finished; leaving the next company to worry about effects, complaints and maintenance. Is this what will happen to the juwi wind farm in Liberty and Prairie Townships, with 94 turbines? Hit and run?

This leaves our beautiful rural area with this industrial landscape. Remember folks, it’s all about money for the few! Wake up people before it’s to late!

I could have been one of the few! But I decided not to scar this beautiful area with the dinosaurs and a little bit of money from the wind mill companies and have all the health issues and put this on my neighbors, no thank you! I couldn’t live with myself! But I guess they will be doing it to me!

Jim Leffler, Tipton County

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