March 7, 2013

Planners blast Newton farmer’s bid for wind power

North West Evening Mail | 07 March 2013 |

Plans for a wind turbine in a rural area have been knocked back after a committee ruled the structure would harm the surrounding area.

A proposal for a 24-metre turbine at a farm in Woodbine Lane, Newton, was rejected by Barrow Borough Council’s planning committee on Tuesday.

Members of the committee were recommended to refuse the plans as planning officers believed the development would be harmful to the surrounding area.

Planning officer Charles Wilton said the committee had to decide whether or not the adverse implications of the developments would outweigh the positives of providing green energy.

He said: “Any adverse implications have to be above the positives.

“That is what would appear to be the situation here and is essentially why the application has been recommended for refusal.”

The plans were submitted by the farm’s owner Michael Watson, who was not present at the meeting, but a statement prepared by JDA Architects on behalf of the applicant said the turbine would help sustain his business.

More than 20 residents of Newton objected to the plans, and raised concerns regarding noise, potential subsidence and the effect it would have on the landscape.

Sarah Moitie, a resident of Newton Road, spoke at the meeting and said the scheme may benefit the owners but would adversely affect the majority of residents.

She said: “The wind turbine is proposed to be sited in an open area of countryside and farmland with no natural screening.

“The field in which it is proposed to be sited is very close to a public right of way which is used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and the nuisance which would be caused by shadow flicker and noise, not to mention the visual impact, would reduce the enjoyment for users.”

Councillors visited the site where the turbine was being proposed prior to the meeting and voted unanimously to follow the recommendation to refuse planning permission.

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