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Jeanette White should support moratorium bill

My husband, Ron, and I urge Sen. Jeanette White to vote in favor of Senators Hartwell and Benning’s bill, S. 30. Industrial wind projects should meet all existing state standards and requirements for development, town plans should not be overridden, and we must take the time to assess, objectively and rigorously, the economic and social impact of these divisive projects on our communities and state.

As you are aware, we in the towns of Grafton and Windham now face the possibility of an industrial wind project along the boundary ridge between the two towns. It turns out that there are hundreds of homes in Grafton and Windham that are within two miles of the proposed project’s turbines. This is not a project in a remote and unihabited part of the state. Easily 1,000 people will be directly vulnerable to the noise, lights, shadows, and detrimental health affects of the inaudible sound waves. Surely such costs are too high, especially given the reality that wind power is not going to significantly reduce the state’s reliance on conventional energy sources.

We respectfully ask that White support the moratorium bill. It is time for this little, beautiful state of ours to step back and take some time to think seriously about the pros and cons of industrial wind. Our health, well-being, welfare, and magnificent ridgelines require nothing less.

Anna Vesely Pilette,

Grafton, Feb. 25