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Company owns up to fault with its failed turbine

The manufacturer of a 35-metre turbine, which collapsed near Holsworthy last month, has admitted there was a fault with how the structure was fixed to the ground.

Endurance Windpower released a statement revealing the reason the turbine at East Ash Farm, in Bradworthy, collapsed was because of problem with the structural grout and the manner in which the tower was fixed to the foundation.

The company has said the problem affected the durability of the anchor rods resulting in the tower collapse and has affected 29 other turbines.

The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed that its investigation into the incident is continuing and it is unknown when a conclusion will be made.

In the statement Endurance said that most of the remedial work has now been completed and no other collapses have occurred.

It said: “If your turbine was part of that small population of early installations affected, you would have already been notified and advised that remediation work, if required, would be performed on your foundation at no cost to you.

“In many cases, all of the necessary work has already been completed and the turbines have been returned to service.

“Our current priority is to correct the installations for remaining customers as quickly as possible so that customers can resume producing electricity without risking public safety or jeopardising the long term durability of the foundation.

“In all instances, remediation work is being directed from structural engineers and will be done at no cost to customers.”

Katy Jones, a spokesman for renewable energy company Dulas, said: “Dulas is committed to working with its partners to ensure the affected customers can resume the production of electricity as soon as possible. Our investigations into to cause of the incident are ongoing.”

The owners of the turbine which collapsed at East Ash did not want to comment.