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Rockford residents upset over BP wind turbines

Local farmers leased their land to BP International who plans to build a wind farm. A local group called Neighbors United is against the plan. They asked the Village Council to consider banning the turbines completely.

Pete Hayes is the co-chair of Neighbors United. He lives right next to the land leased to BP. “It’s a private deal between BP and the farmers that they sign leases with… the issue we have is that it does effect the neighbors and everybody else around. We’re trying to make people aware of what we know and BP Hasn’t necessarily shared the information but were trying to at least make people aware of the information, the pros and the cons that a wind turbine farm can be to the area,” Said Hayes.

On February 19, council members agreed an ordinance banning turbines would be too drastic saying clearn energy technology may be the best option.

Lynn Young lives down the street from Pete Hayes. She is concerned the wind turbines will decrease the property value of her home.

WFFT reached out to BP International who says the turbines will not distract from neighbor’s homes.
Neighbors United held an informational meeting tonight about the proposed plan to build turbines in their neighborhood.