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Company says wind turbine collapsed in North Devon because of “way it was fixed”

The Canadian manufacturer of a large wind turbine which toppled during gales in Devon has blamed “the manner in which the tower was fixed” for the collapse.

Endurance Wind Power, the company which made the E3120 turbine, which tumbled to the ground at Bradworthy, has also dismissed speculation that sabotage may have contributed to the fall.

And the investigation into its UK “fleet” has identified a further 29 turbines that might have been affected by the same problem as the East Ash tower.

In a statement the company said: “While there was no malfunction or abnormality with the turbine or tower (contrary to early inaccurate media reports of a fire and and/or missing fasteners), there was a problem with the structural grout and the manner in which the tower was fixed to the foundation that affected the durability of the anchor rods resulting in the tower collapse.”

Dulas UK, the company which erected the turbine, was contacted but is yet to respond to the claims.