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Wind turbine problems no surprise

In reference to Clarence Fanto‚Äôs Feb. 17 column on problems emanating from wind turbines “Wind turbine complaints foreboding,” I note that some alternative-energy advocates have been long-time critics of them, realizing early on that the problems associated with the turbines far outweighed whatever putative benefits their supporters projected.

To those of us who have never supported industrial wind turbines, it is no surprise that they are causing nearby residents a host of problems. These problems were predicted before their construction, but wind developers persuaded future neighbors that there would not be any problems. Now, as more turbines are built near residential areas, post-installation problems are emerging, causing precisely the problems that wind turbine opponents said would happen.

Were it not for their enormous subsidies and the ensuing profit to the developers, not one turbine would have been constructed. The sensible course of action is to stop building wind turbines. Period.


Great Barrington