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A voice of support for Florida, Monroe wind protesters

I feel very sorry for Florida resident Michael Fairneny, his family and others who are suffering from the Hoosac Wind turbines.

Like many small towns, Florida and Monroe needed more revenue and a majority of people in the two towns believed that this is what the turbines would give them. They evidently did not believe that these huge industrial machines could cause sleep disturbances, nausea and headaches, or that they kill birds and bats and scare away other wildlife. Wind salespeople are very good at glossing over detracting factors like loss of property value and loss of peace and quiet, and they routinely inflate the amount of electricity turbines produce and the length of time they will last.

Turbine salespeople insist that the wind installations will help the environment by reducing carbon in the atmosphere and this is a selling point for some well-intentioned people. But the fact is that turbines require huge amounts of fossil fuel when manufactured – for transportation, for the roads which need to be built for them and for their construction. Wind proponents don’t mention that the turbines need fossil fuels to backup their power contribution to the grid when the wind does not blow.

I wish those people in Florida and Monroe protesting the turbine disturbances luck. They will need to be very persistent to get any relief.

It’s the reverse of closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out: The doors in Florida and Monroe were opened to let the turbines in when, in my opinion, they should have been kept shut.

Trina Sternstein


Feb. 18