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Like a bad neighbor, big wind is there

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around all this. Let’s see if I can get this straight. The federal and state governments have given wind companies the ability to destroy our natural resources by blowing off our mountain tops, have been given permits to kill while not being held responsible for any harm they are responsible for. The worst of it is they are harming children while being backed by the very people who are supposed to protect us. We feel our State and Federal governments have forsaken us to side with the large faceless corporations.

They are using the disguise of green energy to sucker in job poor areas with the promise of jobs and money for the town. For the locals the jobs are temporary as they have a fleet of workers that travel from job to job. Then the wind companies reap the benefits of tax credits that are coming out of the very pockets of the citizens they are harming, with Billions of these tax credit dollars being spent out of country.

Is it right to sacrifice even one family under the guise of something that is supposed to be for the greater good? Study after study have shown living in close proximity to wind turbines make people ill, with all the studies being ignored.

The results of these studies are very real to us as we are now ill.

If you could see the dark circles around my children’s eyes due to the lack of sleep caused by the wind turbines, maybe you’d better understand my frustration.

It is a parent’s duty to protect their innocent children from harm. If we were to knowingly put our children in harm’s way the State would be after us. But in this situation it is the State that has helped put my family in harm’s way.

There have been many times through history that supposedly well-meaning men have pushed their own agenda under the guise of doing something for the greater good. But in reality the deed is self-serving and innocent people are sacrificed along the way.

During times of war sleep deprivation was used to weaken the enemy.

We feel the longer we stay at our home they know we will become sicker, weaker and more apt to give up without a fight. But if they think for one minute we will go quietly into the night, they could not be more wrong.

Every Vermonter impacted and not impacted needs to stand up and be heard. For those not impacted by wind projects with a State that does business with reckless abandon, the next project supposedly for the greater good could be knocking on your door.

What is the next project that will require problems and sacrifice to be made of Vermont citizens? This is not something I chose to do. This is something I’m being forced to do.

We need to be heard.

People need to understand.

We are not playing a game.

We are not only fighting for ourselves, we are fighting for every Vermonter who may be threatened with the loss of their home, land and sanity. United we stand, divided we fall.

Steven Therrien lives in Sheffield.