February 12, 2013

Wind farm battle to end soon

Feb. 13, 2013 | www.barossaherald.com.au

The fight to stop the Keyneton Wind Farm from going ahead could be over in a few months.

The South Australian Development Assessment Commission (DAC) has scheduled a hearing for February 21 in the Keyneton region in relation to Pacific Hydro’s application to build 42 wind turbines in Keyneton.

Keyneton resident David Fornby is against the development going ahead and said once the DAC had received the oral submissions from the hearing they should be able to come to a decision in a few months.

“One of the tragic outcomes of the wind farm will be the ruining of nature,” David said.

“I have been to Waterloo and it is a ghost town.

“There is no wildlife in the town, they have all left.If the wind farm was to go ahead here Flossy would pack up her bags and leave.”

Spokesperson for Pacific Hydro said they had spoken with a lot of residents and had done their best to address the residents’ concerns in the Keyneton Wind Farm Development Application June 2012.

In chapter six of the application Pacific Hydro assessed the flora and fauna issues that could arise and subsequently made a few changes to their plans.

This included removing or relocating turbines in order to avoid habitat or respect buffer zones around bat and bird habitats and nests.

Other concerns David has is the noise the wind farms will produce and how it will affect his health.

“I put my ear right up against a wind turbine in Waterloo and I couldn’t hear a thing,” David said.

“Then we moved two kilometres down wind and I got a nasty feeling and a headache that came on suddenly.”

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