February 9, 2013

‘Don’t blight Ribble Valley with wind farms’ Prime Minister told

9 February 2013 | The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times | www.clitheroeadvertiser.co.uk

A Clitheroe councillor is calling for a rethink on wind farms policy.

“We must not be tempted to scar the beautiful Ribble Valley with windfarms” warns Coun. Ian Brown following a meeting between Ribble Valley Conservatives and Prime Minister David Cameron.

“The ideas of global warming have led to the expansion of renewable energy sources which have particularly hit rural areas as the country looks for alternatives to fossil fuels. I am committed to avoiding the scars on the landscape caused by wind farms in the Ribble Valley,” pledged Coun. Brown.

“At the meeting Coun. Terry Hill raised the issue of carbon taxes, urging the PM to consider scrapping them in the light of the growing number of serious scientists who are questioning the theory of global warming, the failure of some of our competitors to sign up to the Kyoto Agreement and the failure of the international community to renew it.

“He urged the Prime Minister to amend the Climate Change Act introduced by the last Labour government and remove from British steel, chemical and cement industries the burden of carbon taxes.”

Coun. Brown added: “We need to make sure that British jobs are protected and I welcome the PM’s response that he will be making sure that British industry is not taxed any more highly than in other EU states, although he was not convinced of the case for abandoning carbon taxes altogether.

“We need to be protecting jobs at home and in particular locally in Clitheroe, where Hanson (formerly Castle Cement) is a major employer and caught by carbon taxes. We need to be careful that we do not destroy our heavy industrial base to the advantage of our international competitors. “Wind farms are not the answer to meeting the shortfall in our electricity supply. They themselves are not carbon friendly due to production methods and will stand for generations as a monument to failed solution to an urgent problem.”

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