February 8, 2013
Norway, Sweden

EON plans hundreds of megawatts of wind power in Norway, Sweden

By Torsten Fagerholm - 2013-02-08 | Bloomberg | www.bloomberg.com

EON SE plans to build hundreds of megawatts of wind power in Norway and Sweden, where costs for developers are lower than other European countries.

Germany’s biggest utility has proposals for nine onshore farms in Norway totaling 1,500 megawatts as the country’s low population density and strong winds allow larger and cheaper projects than in Germany or Poland, EON’s Mark Porter said.

“Norway has a huge untapped potential,” said Porter, the northern Europe onshore wind power director. “It’s a new market that has many cost-efficient projects. We plan to complete a handful before 2020 though not all nine farms will make it.”

Norway has agreed with the European Union to raise to 67.5 percent the share of energy demand it gets from renewables by 2020, up 6.4 percentage points from 2010. Norwea, the country’s wind power association, sees installed capacity rising to 3,500 megawatts by then, compared with 632 megawatts as of Dec. 20.

EON, the largest developer of offshore wind power, is also planning to site one of the world’s largest sea-based farms in Sweden’s Soedra Midsjoebanken, exporting power from the proposed 700 megawatt facility to the Baltic region, Poland and Germany.

“Sweden has great offshore potential, competitive with Germany and the U.K., but first new physical cables are needed and it’ll likely be the back end of this decade before we can harness the potential,” Porter said yesterday from Malmoe.

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