February 7, 2013
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Lasee response to PSC wind siting decision

Senator Frank Lasee | February 7, 2013 | legis.wisconsin.gov

Imagine you and your kids in your home that you have lived in for years, and now you get headaches, you’re sick to your stomach, your kids feel sick and no one can sleep at night. Your kids grades fall because that is the only place they can get sleep. You are forced to make a decision – either take on a second mortgage and abandon your home or suffer because you can’t afford to move. Over fifty families have been suffering in our area because of 500 foot tall Industrial Wind Turbines and the Public Service Commission (PSC) doesn’t care. They will allow more families to be harmed by allowing more Industrial Wind Turbines in families’ back yards.

On January 24, 2013, Kathleen Zuelsdorff, Environmental Review Coordinator for the Gas and Energy Division of the PSC, released her recommendation that the Highland Wind Farm project in St. Croix County should move forward without an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Without a study that says the locations of Industrial Wind Turbines will not harm kids and their families.

In response to the recommendation of Ms. Zuelsdorff, Senator Frank Lasee submitted comments today regarding her analysis and recommended that the PSC conduct an EIS for the Highland project. Senator Lasee believes that Ms. Zuelsdorff erred in her analysis, specifically noting that she buried the evidence that Industrial Wind Turbines are hurting families in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County, WI.

Senator Lasee said “although the effects of dizziness, nausea and confusion were felt by real people, Ms. Zuelsdorff chose to dismiss these problems because they bring into doubt the current local assertion that Industrial Wind Turbines are harmless.” “It is unfortunate that once again, bureaucrats within the PSC have chosen to ignore real problems of real people in the interest of continuing to protect an industry that is subsidized by taxpayers and electric users through higher utility rates.”

Senator Lasee concluded “I will continue to fight for the protection of the health and safety of constituents from the debilitating effects of 500 foot tall industrial wind turbines.”

A copy of the response letter to Kathleen Zuelsdorff can be found here [1].

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