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How do ‘outside agitators’ acquire magical powers?

Richard Latimer employs that old canard of “outside agitator” to describe Eric Bibler (“Outside agitators stir anti-wind hysteria,” Letters, Feb. 2).

Could it be that Eric Bibler possesses such extraordinary powers of persuasion that he is able to hoodwink residents of Falmouth’s Blacksmith Shop Road into believing that there is such a phenomenon as “Wind Turbine Syndrome”? And dupe Falmouth selectmen into a decision to dismantle the Falmouth wind turbines?

As a public official, Latimer rightly feels that he has a responsibility to the entire town of Falmouth.

However, as a town leader and attorney, he must also be familiar with the concept of “the tyranny of the majority” toward racial, gender and religious minorities, and a leader’s responsibility to speak up for and defend such minorities.

One hopes that Mr. Latimer will spend time talking to the residents of Blacksmith Shop Road to better acquaint himself with a new group of victims, in this case of badly sited industrial wind turbines.

Jim Rogers