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Wind farms will hurt land value

Common sense as well as real estate evidence tells us that property values are naturally going to decrease in properties surrounding industrial wind energy turbine developments.

Who in their right mind would want to buy a property to live in, near an industrial wind energy turbine development?

Peter Lockyer (TELEGRAPH, January 30) said ‘‘Disguising concerns for real estate values behind a fear campaign that ignores science is no public service’’. This is laughable.

Evidence already exists where property values have decreased and it didn’t need a rocket scientist to work that one out.

Devaluation of surrounding real estate in wind farm areas supported by Assessment of impact of wind farms on surrounding land values in Australia prepared for the NSW Valuer General in August 2009 states properties decreased in value up to a known 30 per cent.

In addition, the Elders report 2011 also states the devaluation of properties in wind farm areas can be up to 30 per cent, if saleable.

Recently, in what is believed to be an Australian first, South Gippsland Shire Council has amended the rates notice for one neighbour of the Bald Hills wind farm project.

A property owner near Bald Hills and his neighbours estimate the wind farm will wipe $20 million from the value of nearby properties. – Lola Puddy, Sandra Clark, Jill Adams, Yvonne Finch

and Mary Davis Whiteheads Creek, Trawool,

Ghin Ghin and Seymour