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What caused the blackout in Lochgelly?

Currently there is a power cut in some parts of Lochgelly, with the power outage starting at around just slightly after 7pm and taking out power to the top of the town.

Some streets have been restored, but Watters Crescent and some parts of South Street are still without power, and possibly other locations in Lochgelly.

Just before the power went out, we received a phone call from a resident to notify us that one of the turbines at Little Raith was spinning at a very fast speed, much faster than the rest. At that point the power was cut to the top of Lochgelly, and then the resident reported hearing a loud high pitched screeching sound.

There’s a sound really loud at the moment. It sounds like metal screeching against metal and it is very loud. I have never heard the sound before in the town.

One of our volunteers went up to the South Street area and verified the sound but it was unclear where the exact source of the sound was coming from, but it was very loud.

One of the turbines was spinning very fast but was rapidly slowing down, which coincided with the noise being generated, even though the exact source of the sound was hard to determine.

The volunteer then walked to the top of the Farm road and noticed there was an unmarked utility van at the electrical junction point at Watters Crescent, meanwhile the turbine that was spinning faster than the rest had been brought back down to the same speed as the rest.

What caused the power surge, and was there a problem with one of the turbines? It may have been coincidence or it may be connected, we do not know and are merely speculating, we will make some inquiries and provide an update if we can.