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New policy on windfarms announced

The Scottish Conservatives have launched a new energy policy paper, setting out their position on energy provision for Scotland. The publication, entitled ‘Power With Responsibility’, includes new measures for controlling the spread of windfarms.

These include substantially reducing the number of planned onshore wind farms that are due to be completed, and cutting the subsidy that turbines receive by 50% in order to reduce household energy bills. The paper also calls for homeowners in Scotland to be allowed to claim compensation if the value of their property has decreased due to nearby wind turbine developments.

The Scottish Conservatives are also calling for all future windfarms to be at least two kilometres from residential areas and urged the SNP Government to carry out an independent study into the health effects of wind turbines.

John Lamont MSP said: “Many Borders residents have written to me to express just how angry they are at what they see as the thoughtless and rapid spread of wind farms throughout our region. They feel, as I do, that we have reached a saturation point in the Borders and are fed up of the negative impact they are having on our tourism industry and our beautiful countryside.

“That is why the Scottish Conservatives have decided to lead the fight against the SNP’s wind energy obsession. Too often the views of local communities are totally overlooked in order to reach Alex Salmond’s ludicrous energy targets and it is time that this was stopped.

“By substantially reducing the number of wind farms due to be built, and by ensuring that all turbines are at least two kilometres away from residential areas we can help to limit the impact they are having on local people and our countryside.

Some residents could have seen a fall in their property price and other affects on their house, says Mr Lamont.

He said: “For many of those who already live near a wind farm site, they have seen significant drops in the value of their property. This is simply unfair and I think that it is only right that they should receive compensation for the money they have lost due to no fault of their own.

“By also pushing through a significant cut to the subsidies these turbines we receive we can also ensure a better deal for the taxpayer. With many struggling to pay ever increasing energy bills it is time that some real help was provided, and by cutting these subsidies we can also see energy bills finally start to reduce.”