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Shirley Wind conditional use permit issues ignored

The Glenmore Town Board continues to wait for the PSC and State Legislators to solve their problems with the Shirley Wind Project that has continued to devastate their community. The fact is, this project is under the direction of town zoning and the Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The Town has total control over this permit and the terms within.

The CUP clearly states that if the Wind Energy Facility is the cause of stray voltage (neutral to earth current) or EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) problems, and if the Wind Energy Facility is determined to be the cause through testing, then operations shall cease until the problems are solved. The Town has the authority to order a shutdown of the turbines for testing to determine if there is any increase in stray voltage or EMF’s, both of which are clear violations.

Six homes tested in October of 2011 by Dave Stetzer unquestionably show dangerous levels of these electrical pollutants. [Click here for the report.] Dave Stetzer is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronics), the most advanced electrical engineers in the world. The IEEE has set electrical pollution standards that are adopted and peer- reviewed by World Health Organizations. Utilities discredit these standards as they have created what is known as the “Stray Voltage Protocol,” which has no creditable engineering data to back it.

The PSC has no standards on EMF’s and 1000 microamperes contact on animals, nothing for humans. The IEEE standard has set 1.7 kHz on EMF, and 18 microamperes for contact current. Results in Glenmore tests show exposure around 16 to 25 kHz of EMF and contact current as high as 5,240 microamperes, more than 291 times relevant to cancer.

The Glenmore Town Board has ignored this test because of their $60/hour wind turbine consultant, Glen Schwalbach, a retired WPS utility employee who discredits the results of the IEEE standards. The utilities, wind turbine owners, and the PSC all have their suits cut from the same material.

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