January 29, 2013

Objectors turn out for Bodham wind turbine appeal

January 29, 2013 | www.edp24.co.uk

A plea to keep north Norfolk free from wind turbines was made at the start of an informal planning hearing today.

It was led by planning inspector Alan Novitzky and was brought about by the applicant David Mack, part of the family-run firm Genetec.

The appeal was between NNDC and the Bodham campaign group No To That Turbine (NOTT) and Mr Mack.

Members of the NNDC Development Committee unanimously rejected the proposal in August.

John Perry-Warnes, district councillor, said: “The majority of people are against a large turbine. A large turbine would conflict particularly in connection with our Medieval buildings.

“There is no doubt it would have an impact on a large area. We must keep north Norfolk free from turbines.”

He added alternative renewable energy sources should be considered including solar panels.

Objectors from NOTT argued the proposed plans to plant trees and hedgerow around the turbine would not be effective.

Jonathan Billingsley, who spoke for the appellant about landscape issues, said the turbine would be of a similar scale to a nearby aerial mast.

A site was is expected to be held tomorrow.

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