January 27, 2013

Wind turbine numbers will soar to 5,000

By Andrew Picken, Scottish Political Editor | The Scottish Mail on Sunday | 27 January 2013 |

The number of wind turbines across the countryside is set to more than double to help meet the SNP’s Green energy targets it was claimed last night.

New research from the Scottish Conservatives shows the current haul of turbines will jump from just under 2,000 to more than 5,000 as soaring numbers of wind farms are given the green light by planners and SNP ministers.

The Tories claim that once all the wind farms which have been built, are under construction or are in the planning process are taken into account, twothirds of the country’s electricity will be generated by wind power.

The Scottish Conservatives are tomorrow unveiling a new energy policy which is understood to align the party with the many Scots who are uneasy with the proliferation of wind farms.

Murdo Fraser, convener of the Scottish Parliament’s energy committee, said: ‘The SNP is way ahead of its renewable energy target, without so much as a thought towards Scotland’s landscape.

‘With that comes a risk to tourism, not to mention spoiling Scotland’s countryside from top to bottom.’

A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘Scotland has huge clean green energy resources and our renewables industry is delivering essential jobs and investment. This Government prides itself in placing renewables ahead of nuclear energy.’

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