January 25, 2013
Nova Scotia

Wind turbine project won’t happen

January 24, 2013 | www.trurodaily.com

TRURO – A wind turbine project in Victoria Park will most likely not happen.

About a year ago, the Town of Truro had a request for proposals for an estimated $1-million, 50-megawatt turbine that could potentially be erected in the town’s water treatment plant at Victoria Park. Truro Mayor Bill Mills told the Truro Daily News on Thursday the site doesn’t appear to be viable for the project.

“It’s probably not going to happen,” said Mills. “The stability of the ground and studies show that the amount of wind to make it viable is just not there at that site.”

Mills said studies that depict maximum wind standards indicate the site in the park doesn’t meet those standards.

“It’s surprising … I thought any place in that area would have enough wind,” he said.

The original goal was to erect the turbine last summer. The town sought request for proposals and by mid January of 2012 two companies – Eon Wind Electric of Dartmouth and Johnson Controls L.P. of Bedford – replied. However, according to town CAO Jim Langille, the project never became an immediate priority at town council.

“I don’t think council’s had the chance to review it,” Langille said. “They are still looking at renewable energy options, including solar panels and alternatives.”

Mills confirmed the town is “still exploring a number of options (and) sifting through information.” He said another meeting with Hilber Solar, a solar energy company based in Austria, is scheduled to take place in March. Mills had visited with company officials in Austria last fall hoping to bring a similar solar-based project to Truro, including in the industrial park.

“Ideally, the new farmers’ market (off of Young and Prince streets) would be a good place for solar panels and I’d like to see it at the civic centre,” said Mills.

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