January 25, 2013

As the turbine turns: No word from Kingston Wind Independence

By Kathryn Gallerani | Wicked Local Kingston | Posted Jan 25, 2013 | www.enterprisenews.com

Despite assurances from the attorney representing the owners of Kingston Wind Independence that they would respond to a Board of Health request within a week, the board was still waiting nine days later.

Two days after the Board of Health expected to hear from Kingston Wind Independence about potential mitigation measures, there was no correspondence at the Town House at the end of the day Wednesday.

Board of Health Chairman Joe Casna expressed frustration Wednesday afternoon that he had not heard from Kially Ruiz and the other owners about what, if any, measures they might propose.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for a response from Mr. Ruiz,” he said.

Casna said he had heard from the attorney representing multiple wind turbine owner Mary O’Donnell that they would be willing to have a conversation about mitigation measures.

Last week, the Board of Health voted 4-1 against taking action against the owners of the Independence until a sound study by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has been completed. The board will meet again Monday night for an update on the study process.

Tuesday night, Prospect Street resident Mark Wheeler told the Board of Selectmen that he had not heard from Ruiz, although he had done as requested and submitted medical evidence of harm to his family. He said they are asking for some relief, and he’s losing faith that the government will deliver.

“I’m begging you to help, because I don’t know where to go,” he said.

Casna, also the Board of Selectmen chairman, said the board was following legal advice with its vote.

“We can’t just disregard the legal advice we’re getting from town counsel,” he said Tuesday night.

At the Board of Health meeting Jan. 14, attorney Phil Brown, representing Kingston Wind Independence, said the owners would be willing to visit residents’ homes when the turbines are operating to check on the flicker and measure the sound.

Upset residents and the Independence turbine owners point to conflicting studies about the impact of wind turbines on communities. Wheeler said at the Board of Health meeting that Ruiz has discredited residents’ complaints while supporting his position.

Leland Way resident and college student Conner Reilly accused Ruiz of submitting faulty scientific evidence to the board. Ruiz has spoken publicly about a study that maintains that perception has become reality for residents who live near wind turbines and have complained.

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