January 20, 2013

Council looks to build its own wind farms

Dunfermline Press | 20 January 2013 | www.dunfermlinepress.com

Fife Council is looking at the feasibility of building its own small-scale wind farms on 15 sites.

A planning application has already been submitted to erect two 75 kW turbines at Lochhead landfill site.

A report to last week’s executive committee stated, “In 2010/11, Fife Council spent in the region of £1 million on carbon allowances and £22 million on buying energy. Renewable energy development has the potential to offset rising fuel costs.

“A draft business case forecasts the potential to secure a net income stream of circa £20 million over 20 years and a reduction in carbon emissions of circa 140,000 tonnes for the same period as a result of the installation of a number of turbines over a five-year period.”

On the council’s plans, council leader Alex Rowley said, “We have also been very clear that the council and local communities should have been taking advantage of the financial opportunities that come with renewable energy and as such we should look at developing our own energy provision.

“This is the first step in that direction with a focus on all profits coming back to the council and the local communities of Fife.”

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