January 15, 2013

Lincolnshire wind turbines: Pro-wind energy group petitions council

BBC News | 15 January 2013 | www.bbc.co.uk

A Lincolnshire group has organised a petition asking a council to remain impartial when dealing with planning applications for onshore wind turbines.

They have acted after the county council said it wanted to halt the “unrestrained spread” of the turbines.

A spokesman for the Pro Wind Alliance said the council was making an unjustified “assailance on wind technology”.

The council said a consultation was under way to gauge public opinion.

It said it had already taken a tough stand against wind farms and was investigating making it into official council policy.

‘Question efficiency’

Councillor Martin Hill said: “We can’t understand why anybody would object to us asking residents for their views on what is clearly an important issue to them, unless they’re worried the results will oppose their own personal agenda.

“Although supportive of alternative energy, we do question the efficiency of turbines and their impact on the county’s residents, landscapes and tourism industry… [and] people… having to subsidise these developments through their energy bills.

“Last June, our executive members agreed a set of guidelines we hoped would be taken into consideration by local planning authorities and developers when deciding where to locate new developments… As a statutory consultee, it makes sense for us to have a clearly stated position on this issue.”

The Pro Wind Alliance said it expects all onshore wind planning applications to be subject to thorough balanced appraisal before any decision is taken over planning.

‘Look at facts’

Spokesman James Pocklington said the council was promoting a lot of prejudice and negative bias.

“You’ve got to understand the function of the wind farm in the first place,” he said.

“When you understand, your perception of them changes…. they’re attractive structures…very graceful, and we need more of them not less.

“I’m not asking [the county council] to support me, they should be more impartial. They should be looking at the facts and understanding why wind is so important. They might have personal views as to why they wouldn’t want to live (near) one, but that doesn’t negate the purpose of the wind farm.”

Lincolnshire County Council’s consultation closes on 21 January.

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