January 12, 2013

Akron-Westfield board to decide fate of broken wind turbine soon

By Jacob Peklo, Multimedia Journalist | January 11, 2013 | KITV | www.ktiv.com

Rural communities are often looking for cost-effective, renewable energy. The Akron-Westfield school district is facing a bit of a dilemma now. That debate is whether a repair is worth their while.

A broken gear box on its off-campus wind turbine is the primary issue. School officials say the turbine is ten-years-old, and expected to last for 20.

The board is now evaluating whether to fix, sell or scrap the structure. Officials say cost is a factor, as the district hasn’t been making money from the investment.

They say they’d like to make it into a “budget-neutral” item at the very least, but there are reasons to try to keep it going.

“Students from A-W and from West Sioux would be able to participate in that program, and that’s a hot career field right now. So, that would be one reason why we would lean towards maybe trying to repair it or keep the generator functional,” said Randy Collins, superintendent of the Akron-Westfield School District.

The board will vote on Monday about the fate of that windmill, but the final decision could be delayed until February. Collins says if the windmill is repaired, the school would re-evaluate in ten years.

At that time, they’ll decide whether to keep using that type of technology

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