January 8, 2013

Developing story: O’Donnell turbines “are being maintained”

By Bradford Randall | Jan. 8, 2013 | kingstonjournal.com

KINGSTON- Mary O’Donnell’s three wind turbines on Marion Drive are still being maintained, that according to O’Donnell’s Turbine Operations Mananger, Tim Boyd.

The information comes to light after KingstonJournal.com received unconfirmed reports that Gamesa, the former procurer of the O’Donnell turbines, opted out of maintenance obligations effective November 19th of last year.

At a December 17th Board of Health meeting, Dan Sapir (health board member) questioned the maintenance of the O’Donnell turbines.

After Sapir’s remark, Jack Breen, a colleague of Sapir’s on the Board of Health, expressed concern over Sapir’s allegation.

A call made to Mary O’Donnell on Thursday was returned by O’Donnell’s turbine maintenance team on Friday afternoon.

“The turbines are being maintained continually,” Boyd told KingstonJournal.com on Friday afternoon.

Boyd oversees the maintenance of Mary O’Donnell’s three Marion Drive wind turbines and explained that O’Donnell is now responsible for delegating the upkeep of her own turbines.

“I was hired to maintain the turbines,” Boyd said in a telephone interview.

Boyd said that he, along with independent contractors, does the physical labor to maintain O’Donnell’s turbines.

Representatives from Gamesa would neither confirm or deny cutting off maintenance of O’Donnell’s Kingston turbines.

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