January 8, 2013

Bushfire fears over wind turbines

Yahoo7 | January 8, 2013 | au.news.yahoo.com

Residents on the Yorke Peninsula fear they could become sitting ducks in the event of a fire, saying a proposed wind turbine farm will limit water bomber access.

They say a plan to roll out almost 200 wind turbines in the region could mean water bombers will keep clear and will not defend their properties.

Martin Hayles is one resident worried his homestead would be in the firing line if a bushfire broke out.

He is angry his property could end up surrounded by wind turbines because his neighbours have agreed to play host.

“I’m having to be a part of a windfarm,” he said.

“It’s being forced upon me.”

Some pilots say aerial bombers would struggle to negotiate the turbines.

“In conditions where the visibility is reduced… we wouldn’t contemplate working in the vicinity of the turbines,” said David Anderson from Australia Helicopters.

The proposed $1.3billion wind farm would cover 600 square kilometres, and generate enough electricity to power 200,000 homes.

But Nick Xenophon says the turbines will only blow money away.

“Wind energy is inefficient, it is simply unreliable and it’s intermittent,” he said.

Locals are also worried about the impact of the noise on their health.

The development approval is awaiting approval from the State Government.

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