January 6, 2013
Letters, Nova Scotia

Wind turbines not wanted

Cape Breton Post | January 5, 2013 | www.capebretonpost.com

Do you visit the Groves Point Provincial Park, maybe to swim or picnic with the family or to just sit and enjoy the view? Well, this will all change if the company Natural Forces is allowed to construct wind turbines on the hills overlooking the park.

The residents have met and formed the Hillside Boularderie and Area Concerned Citizens Group. We have issues regarding the placement of these industrial-sized (approximately 390-foot-high) turbines in our residential area.

A petition was circulated in the community stating that we are opposed to this wind farm. More than 85 per cent – 298 – of our neighbours signed the petition, which was tabled in the legislature by our MLA, Keith Bain.

A copy was also delivered to Krystal Therien, administrator of the Community Feed-In Tariff Program, the provincial government body responsible for renewable energy projects.

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has no control over what these wind farm developers do, as long as they meet the outdated setback requirements of approximately 250 metres. They do not even require a building permit.

If it’s “green,” it goes, no matter what impact it has on the residents’ health and stress levels by way of noise, shadow flicker and negative visual impact. The only people who will benefit from this project are the landowner and the developer.

I enjoy my walks along the lake to our provincial park at Groves Point. I often sit on a park bench and view the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake while watching the bald eagles, ravens and other birds soaring over the lake and the hills.

I leave you with this question: Why would anyone want to wish this monster of a project on their neighbours and their community?

Jack White

Groves Point

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