January 6, 2013
Letters, Vermont

Wind towers pollution threat

Burlington Free Press | Jan. 4, 2013 | www.burlingtonfreepress.com

I read with interest the Nov. 26 article entitled “Turbines Rising” by Terri Hallenbeck and I am amazed that neither she or anyone else promoting this idea that these giant wind turbines are the answer to Vermont’s energy problems has thought to say anything about the amount of oils and hydraulic fluids that these turbines have inside them to keep them lubricated and operating flawlessly.

It seems to me that all it will take is for one of these giants to malfunction, catch on fire or tumble, and we will be experiencing a major environmental disaster to say the least. We need to remember that these all are man-made devices that do not have any kind of everlasting life and eventually we will experience malfunctions which will spill unhealthy fluids over the countryside.

I had the opportunity to drive down Vermont 100 through Lowell last week when four of the towers were rotating, when I decided to stop and roll down the window of my vehicle. What I heard can only be described as “noise pollution.” I feel sorry for the people living nearby in as much as they will be forced to live with that constant “thump, thump, thump” as long as those turbines are rotating.

I realize that wind power has its place, but maybe it is time to consider a true subsidy program for individuals to erect smaller turbines on their own property to supply their own needs and maybe sell some back to the grid. Smaller units would not require the amounts of fluids these giants do and the chance of a major pollution problem would be reduced.


Belvidere Center

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