December 21, 2012
Alberta, Montana

Canadian regulators approve MATL project

by Marnee Banks | Dec 21, 2012 |

Canadian utility regulators have given the Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL) the go ahead, bringing the project just months away from completion.

The 300 megawatt transmission line will connect Canadian power grid to Montana with a line running from Lethbridge, Alberta to Great Falls.

The structural work is all finished and crews will now be stringing the final conductors in Montana.

Enbridge Government & Public Relations Consultant Darryl James says it’s an exciting time for the company.

“The Alberta Utilities Commission just issued their final decision to let us know the final design is fully approved. We had been waiting on final approval of things like structure heights and specific pole locations on some particular parcels in Alberta,” James says. “We have final approval and we have construction crews mobilizing that direction right now.”

The Rim Rock Wind project near Cutbank will be producing the energy for the line. James says the project will stabilize the power grids in both Montana and Alberta.

The MATL line should be finished within the first two quarters of 2013 James says.

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