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Saddened by turbines’ effects on ladies’ lives

I’m so completely saddened by the plight of Margina Schwartzbach and Catherine Guither, the two ladies brave enough to tell their stories of the drastically reduced quality of their lives since the wind turbines began turning (SVM article on Tuesday, Dec. 11, page A5).

I’m so sorry to tell them that very few care. The editors of the Daily Gazette in an editorial on Aug. 9 would call your accounts “anecdotal,” defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a short, entertaining account of some event.” Well, I bet you’re thrilled to have entertained them.

People all over the globe have suffered ear pain, anxiety, headaches, and proven property devaluation, and they cannot enjoy the peace and comfort of their homes any longer because of the greed of their landowner neighbors.

The Farm Bureau defends their disgusting actions by saying it’s their property, and they should be able to do with it as they wish – even if it destroys their neighbors.

I was at a meeting in Deer Grove where Mr. John Martin, Mainstream Renewable Power’s “big persuader,” was touting all the benefits of these monstrosities. I asked him whether the power could be stored, and the answer was “no.” They provide electricity only when they turn, which is not dependable.

I also asked him about the rebar and concrete underground to stabilize the towers, seeing that we have a very high water table in this area. He “assured” me that it is well-coated (with God knows what) and will not harm our water supply. Oh, really? Water can wear down rock, but it won’t wear down their coating?

The companies do not remove that underground “junk” when they abandon them. You’re lucky if they even remove the turbine. What a sad time we live in.

Sue McGinn