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How much of our precious assets will be sacrificed in green’s name?

An energy solution, no matter how ” green” is no longer beneficial to the state of N.H. if it does more harm than good.

The Newfound Lake area is a perfect example of green energy gone amuck. All it takes is a foreign, for- profit company and opportunistic landowners. All other N.H. citizens, from business and homeowners in a 100-mile radius suffer the consequences. Every town, ridge, and lake in N.H. could be next. This is a horrifying example of a lack of regulations and a state that needs a comprehensive energy plan.

It is important to understand that Alexandria and Bridgewater already have all the green energy they need – they both operate biomass plant. With the addition of the Groton wind farms this summer we are apt to literally “turn green” from too much clean energy.

The proposed Wild Meadow Wind Farm in Alexandra is unnecessary. The thought of adding 35 turbines (that are 454 feet tall – the equivalent of a Boeing 747 airplane on a giant stick) to Forbes Mountain directly overlooking New Hampshire’s pristine Newfound Lake and Cardigan Mountain State Forest is inconceivable. Even worse more turbines have been proposed for the northwest corner of the lake near Sculptured Rocks. What ever happened to moderation?

Add in other N.H. wind farms sprawl: Danbury, Grafton, Lempster, Antrim, Temple and throw in the Northern Pass and you no longer have a state that will attract tourists, snowmobilers, vacationers, hunters and hikers. I can understand now why the old man in the mountain jumped! What next?

New Hampshire has to ask itself how much of our precious assets – our lakes and mountains are we willing to sacrifice in the name of man made “green?”

There are many other less invasive options in clean energy – I propose we focus on solar and biomass and technology that will not require sacrificing our natural tourist attractions – our pristine lakes and mountain ridges.

I urge you to learn more about wind turbines at “nhwindwatch.org” and to contact your local politicians to place a moratorium on Wild Meadow Wind Farm and other similar projects until a comprehensive state energy plan can be put into place.

Stephanie Bednaz