December 14, 2012

Donald Trump accused of ‘sinking to new low’ over anti-windfarm advert

By ALASTAIR MUNRO | 14 December 2012 |

Tycoon Donald Trump has been accused of “sinking to a new low” and being “sick” for linking his opposition to windfarms in Scotland to the Lockerbie disaster.

The Scottish Green Party has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority over a controversial advert published in a regional newspaper.

In the advert, featured in the Press and Journal, the American billionaire – who has publicly denounced plans for an offshore windfarm near his new golf resort in Aberdeenshire – urges the public to protest against the First Minister’s support for renewable energy.

Under the banner “Is this the future for Scotland?” his protest displays a picture of a huge windfarm in California.

It states: “Tourism will suffer and the beauty of your country is in jeopardy!

“This is the same mind that backed the release of terrosist al-Megrahi, ‘for humane reasons’ – after he ruthlessly killed 270 people on Pan-Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.”

Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said: “Trump has sunk to a new low. Linking renewables policy to Lockerbie victims is sick.

“Not only did he have no shred of evidence that tourism would suffer when we quizzed him during the parliament’s inquiry into renewables, he has already been censured by the authorities for placing similar anti-renewables adverts.

“Trump’s organisation has already trashed a unique environment on the coast of Aberdeenshire and trampled on the rights of local people.

“Now he appears to be determined to buy up chunks of the Scottish press. It’s vital that Scotland doesn’t allow a bully to think he can flash his cash and get his own way.

“The Advertising Standards Authority is clear that advertising must be responsible, and must not mislead or offend.

“If DC Thomson has any sense it’ll tell him to take his irresponsible, misleading and offensive business elsewhere.”

The Scottish Government responded to Mr Trump’s latest advert by saying the businessman had mislead the public over the future of windfarms in his previous campaign.

A spokesman said: “The Advertising Standards Agency has already banned an advertisement by the Trump Organisation for providing a ‘misleading representation of proposed windfarms’.

“Scotland has massive green energy potential – including around a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal power potential – that is already bringing in significant jobs, industry and investment and we have a responsibility to ensure Scotland benefits further.”

The tycoon and the SNP have been at war over wind energy after plans were lodged for a major woffshore project near Aberdeen.

Mr Trump recently announced a postponement on work at his Menie Estate Golf Resort while an application for an offshore windfarm is being considered.

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre proposes an 11-turbine windfarm in Aberdeen Bay.

Mr Trump has said that the First Minsiter was “hellbent on destroying Scotland” with wind turbines.

He added: “To destroy Scotland for a flawed idea would be disgraceful, so it has to be stopped.”

A spokesman for the Trump Organisation said: ““The advertisement that appeared in print today was submitted and approved in advance by the Committee of Advertising Practice.

“We actually wanted the content to be much stronger because Scotland is facing an economic and environmental meltdown if wind turbines are not stopped.

“The Green Party is a complete joke because they have chosen to promote these destructive machines.

“Their policies should be challenged on every front because they have done nothing to protect the deliberate mutilation of their own environment, coastline and countryside. Members of “green” groups must be embarrassed.

“Those who lost a family member or a friend in the Lockerbie tragedy must be incredibly incensed with Alex Salmond for releasing a murderous criminal.”

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