December 12, 2012
Letters, Maine

Wind power blight ruins search for peace in Maine

Portland Press Herald | 11 December 2012 |

I have chosen to live my entire 54 years of life in my native state of Maine. I have witnessed and enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness that is available to all of us seeking it here.

The positive aspects include enjoying the lakes, rivers and mountains that bless this state, and witnessing the peaceful strength that comes with this simplicity.

But negativity arises as destructive changes appear through the greed of certain industries, such as wind power.

Not only is the landscape and natural lifestyle challenged and disturbed by developing wind power sites, but this industrial blight ruins the beauty and inner peacefulness that so many Mainers seek.

I am also very concerned for the hawks, eagles and other raptors endangered by huge wind towers. They are out of scale and don’t belong on our Maine mountains.

I have seen this first hand by visiting two of these sites, and I am deeply saddened by what has been done to the mountains to put in these turbines.

Wind power developers seek Maine’s poorest areas to build these useless towers, knowing how desperate people in these areas are for jobs and whatever financial gain there might be.

Unfortunately, the construction jobs created are short-lived, with just a handful of permanent jobs.

These turbines produce very little useful electricity, and it is unpredictable and unreliable from the wind. Since we don’t need the electricity in Maine, why should we ruin our beautiful state for no good reason? Wind power shatters the peace and beauty that are unique to Maine.

I’m learning in my life my purpose in finding peace; I wish I could release the negativity that wind power creates. Let us protect the soul and spirit of our wonderful place called Maine.

Stephen W. Watson

Cape Elizabeth

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