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Giant wind turbines a distraction

While driving down Washington Avenue, I was shocked to see the giant “pinwheels” SC Johnson is building. They are a real eyesore and don’t belong in a place like that, in my opinion. It is a large distraction to drivers as you can’t help but look at them. I hope an accident doesn’t occur due to their presence. Where are the village planners when it comes to things like this?

They came down like a ton of bricks on poor Dairy Queen just because they wanted to paint their building using patriotic colors. Looks like whatever Johnson wants, Johnson gets. Especially when elected officials don’t have the guts to do the right thing. Did anybody think of the poor condo owners who have to look at the monstrosities? Are they going to get tax credits from Mount Pleasant? I’m sure Johnson will be getting federal credits. Moreover, wait until they crank them up and surrounding people have to listen to the noise and yes, there will be noise. Wind generators belong out in the county, i.e., on a wind farm, or out in Lake Michigan.

Paul Gyuro, Franksville