December 11, 2012

Turbine plan turned down by council

Melton Times | 10 December 2012 |

A proposal for a 77m-high (252ft) wind turbine at a Thorpe Arnold farm has been rejected by Melton Council.

Applicant Steve Butler wanted to install the turbine at Hindle Farm, Melton Spinney Road, claiming it would help fulfil the area’s contribution to renewable energy targets.

But protestors, including lobby group Lola (Leave Our Landscape Alone), objected on numerous grounds including noise and impact on the landscape and environment.

The council’s development committee refused the application on grounds the turbine would ‘constitute a prominent feature in the open countryside which would fail to protect or enhance its distinctive local character’ and due to its height, position and movement would ‘result in an intrusive and over-dominant feature’.

At the time of going to press it wasn’t known whether Mr Butler intended to appeal.

l Appeals are already underway regarding proposals to install two wind turbines in Thorpe Satchville. Developers appealed after the council refused planning consent for a 77m-high turbine at Park Farm and 46m-high turbine at neighbouring Hall Farm.

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